Monday, September 13, 2010

New York Part 4 - Final Day

Our last day we just enjoyed being together - playing at the beach, going to the park, walking down the street to the local ice cream shop. We also celebrated Meredith's retirement from teaching where the girls put on a show/dance, and had a good time!

"We are the silly Ashtons...please leave us a message!"

New York Part 3 - Niagara Falls

Today was such a fun day! Who knew that Niagara Falls could be so fun! Just seeing the falls is overwhelmingly impressive, but there's so much to do. Definitely worth the price of the day pass to experience the falls!

I just had to throw in this picture of Annie. She couldn't go anywhere without her "stuff."

Getting ready to enter the Cave of the Winds. This was the best surprise of the day! You buy your ticket and they give you a poncho and some water shoes, then take you down an elevator to the bottom of the American Falls. From there, you can venture up a staircase as far as you're able, and if adventurous enough, all the way to the Hurricane Deck. You can choose if you want to enjoy a bit of misty spray, or be completely drenched as gallons of water are hurled at you from the falls. It was tons of fun, and I would recommend it to everyone!

AnnieKate is a little unsure about this whole poncho business.

Getting ready to make the ascent with Grandma.

Wind and water can be rather exciting!

Ellie completely wet after dancing on the Hurricane Deck. She didn't feel the need to wear a poncho - which, unless you had it secured super well, you pretty much got drenched anyway! The Hurricane deck was a portion closest to the falls, and it was surprisingly exciting as you felt the force and power of the falls as it's thundering around you, and practically knocking you over as the spray dumps on top of you.

Me and Henry - super soaked!

Henry not too thrilled with the idea of getting wet...again. After the Cave of the Winds, we took a boat ride on the Maiden of the Mist. The famous boats that take you to the bottom of Horseshoe Falls. It's a fun little ride, but I'm not kidding when I say the power of the falls is both awesome and terrifying!

AnnieKate loving her Daddy.

Me and my boy in front of Horseshoe Falls.

Ellie - again without her poncho.

Me and my hubby. We loved being able to take our family to such great places! It's such a blessing to be loved and looked after. Thank you Matt!

New York Part 2 - Palmyra

Our visit to Palmyra was a fun and exhausting day. The kids loved running around outside, and did pretty well as we trooped through the tours of the Joseph Smith homes. Our tour guide, unfortunately, was not tuned in very well to the fact that we had mostly young children with us, and it was somewhat difficult for us to get her to move things along quicker than her script. Oh well. The sacred grove was the favorite spot for just about all of us, and after sitting through the lectures it felt great to walk through the cool trees.

Me and Ellie who is all too excited to get her picture taken!

Playing on top of Hill Cumorah.

Cousins outside the Joseph Smith home in Palmyra.

The Joseph Smith Manchester home and the longwinded tour guide. The kids were all pretty good sports about it.

Me and Annie. She's wearing her princess backpack she got for the trip, and has it LOADED with stuff. It really is heavy, but she insists on carrying it where ever we go.

The kids were excited to find a bench to sit on for a family photo in the sacred grove.

AnnieKate has a pretty fierce growl. Here she informed us she is a baby chinchilla. Ya, I never heard of it either, until we discovered Diego - cousin to the infamous Dora the Explorer.

Henry told us that Ellie is his "best girl!"

The Sacred Grove was the best part of the day. The kids loved the peaceful walk through the woods.