Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mediterranean Sea

We loved our afternoon at the beach! The water was cold, but it was still wet, and there was plenty of sand. Thankfully we were able to find a spot that wasn't too "European" if you catch my drift.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Rock of Gibraltar

I'm grateful we took the trip out to Gibraltar to see and experience such a famous landmark in history. We took a tour bus into the city center, and from there, we took a private van tour which was a cool thing because of the info from the tour guide, and access to more sights. We went inside a cave with enormous stalactites and mites, and saw where they put on acoustic and classical concerts. Imagine going to a concert inside the rock of Gibraltar! Pretty sweet! We also entered another cave/tunnel where the British had chiseled away their bunkers, and shot their canons. It was impressive to look out from inside the top of the enormous rock. The greatest part for the kids was obviously the apes. They hang out all over the top of Gibraltar because that's where they're fed. They're wild, so we don't touch them, but they're all around you, jumping on the cars, crawling on the walls, free to roam, and the kids couldn't get enough of it!

When you're with Mom and Dad how can you not go bowling? A bit different in Spain, but lots of fun on a rainy afternoon. Sunday we went on a gondola ride up the mountain, then came down and played at an amazing park! The next day we went to the most beautiful zoo I've ever seen. It's small - squashed into the crowded town of Fuengirola, but it's like an oasis with beautiful foliage, habitats, and gorgeous natural settings. Definitely one of the highlights. Henry was ecstatic to discover his favorite...the Nile Crocodile...was a resident of this particular zoo. Later on, he also spotted a Gharial! I didn't even have to read hime the sign! Afterwards we went to the mission office where we had cupcakes and blew out a candle. Ever since Mom said we would go to the zoo, Annie has insisted that she's having her birthday party there! While we didn't exactly make it happen at the zoo, we still made sure we sang and celebrated. Elder Halverson is the missionary holding up the candle. Thanks to the missionaries for joining us in a round of "Happy Birthday!"


Mijas is a cute little town on the hillside with lots of whitewashed buildings, and of course, donkey taxis! Ellie rode one of the donkeys, AnnieKate declared how cute they were, Henry thought the whole carriage thing was pretty cool, and I was the unfortunate one positioned right behind the ass! Personally, I was thrilled when our little jaunt through town was over. Thanks Mom and Dad! We also visited the local bullring which was rather small, but at least it was a sturdy permanent structure. :) The kids had a great time pretending to be bulls while they chased each other around in the ring. This was the town where Ellie found her Flamenco attire for the evening, and is positive she's never owned a dress so nice before, (except for her baptism dress). We also took time to play at a park overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Overall it was a delightful morning in a beautiful place!

Night at the Fair

We were lucky enough to be in town the same weekend as the fair. Fuengirola, the city where the mission home is, was having a great time with festivities that the kids were more than excited to be a part of! The girls got ready in their Flamenco dresses, a very popular tradition amongst the women of southern Spain, and Henry wore his bull shirt. We walked the streets and enjoyed the rides! A few of them, anyway. Some didn't go over so well, but it all worked out in the end. :)

Espana! We Made It!

We finally made it Spain! It was so great to see Mom and Dad - even AnnieKate ran to hug Grandma at the airport. After a day and night of traveling, with not much sleep to speak of, all the kids wanted to do was swim. Swim, swim swim! They LOVE the pool!