Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween

"Trick-or-Treat!" fast became Ellie's new favorite phrase as we took to the streets in Columbus, Ohio. We went with Abby, one her favorite friends from preschool, otherwise known as Princess Fiona from Shrek. Ellie was a white kitty cat, sometimes Hello Kitty, sometimes Barbie Kitty, and sometimes just a white take your pick.

Matt just finished his psychiatry rotation which he's quite happy about... The top quotes from the Last week of Psych are (included in no specific order) "my brain feels like a sweaty stinking locker room." no argument there. "Skeezoofriendeeeyaa (Schizophrenia) does that mean I have a lot of friends" (well I guess, sort of, it would help if some of them were real. and after chatting with a patient about some of the events of the last two weeks he replied "I am crazy huh?" self diagnosis the kind we like best, the greatest part is that after a two to three day stay at our acute care facility they have to be discharged back to some neighborhood, well that is all I have for now, Later, Matt.

As for myself, I just finished reading "Little Women" for the first time ever. Some where along the line I seemed to have missed that novel, but as the result of the choice of a fellow book club member I finally took the time to enjoy such a great classic! Enlightening little life adventures. I loved it!

Happy Halloween to all of stop, Thanksgiving!

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