Sunday, November 07, 2004

Playing at the Park

One great thing about Ohio are all the beautiful parks! We are fortunate to have fun little playgrounds all over the place, and many of them have community events and programs going on all the time. Just yesterday Ellie and I were playing at the park you'll see in the pictures and come to find out, everyday at 5:00 p.m. it's doggy hour. People around the neighborhood can bring their dogs to the park between 5 and 6 and let them roam around the field without their leashes. We had a great time meeting all the beautiful big dogs - nobody brought any small ones - and look forward to seeing them again! The metro parks are really cool too. These are blocks of land preserved for park and recreation activities, and they're nice places to go to feel like you're taking a step away from the city.

Matt certainly studies a great deal of the time, bless his heart, but he makes time for the family too, and we love it when he does. Saturday we went to the dollar theater to see Shrek 2, and Matt and I were totally entertained, but after about 20 minutes Ellie wouldn't put up with the loud noise of the big screen anymore, so we have yet to finish that flick. Next time we'll get a babysitter.

I need to start keeping our video camera on hand to catch some the precious moments of family fun. Monday night we were cleaning up the dishes after dinner and getting ready for family night when Ellie got out big serving spoons and directed us in a little show of musical theater in our cute little kitchen. We were singing to our hearts content, and most likely to our neighbors dismay. We reveled in the musical selections of Annie, Twinkle Little Star, Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Star Spangled Banner, and several others. Matt is an excellent soloist!

Well, you can bless Ohio for coming through on November 2nd, or cry out as the German father in my Musikgarten class at OSU, "How can 46 million people be so stupid?" But no worries, our zoo levy passed!

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