Sunday, March 07, 2010

Canyonlands...The White Rim

Our trip to the white rim in Canyonlands National Park was an awesome adventure for the Ashtons. Believe it or not, it was the first time we've taken the kids camping beyond our own backyard. And, crazily enough, we chose to do it on a night with below freezing temperatures!!! We survived, and had a most excellent time! Just below, Ellie and I are waving...we love it here!
Ellie in front of Corona arch
Love that boy! Matt and Anniekate hiking through Canyonlands
AnnieKate singing in the truck!
You can do it Ellie!
Biking on top of the world!
Doth my eyes deceive me...
Puddle jumping

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Presidente y Hermana Clegg said...

These are two great pictures. Jump Ellie, you will be the next hurdler in the family!!!