Wednesday, June 09, 2010

We found ourselves lucky enough to have taken a trip to a place called City of Rocks. It's in southern Idaho, just a couple of hours away from our house. It was literally a climber's playground, and we had the greatest time hanging out, hiking around, bouldering a bit, and only freaking out about half of the time as we thought Henry was going to kill himself! Overall it was a great campout and the kids can't wait to go back. For Matt and I, our goal is to be able to do it with a rope. :) Loving it!
What should we call these little rascals? The Three Musketeers? Or maybe...
"The Good,"
"The Bad,"
...and "The Annie."
That is one handsome man!

Henry's new love of nature. :)
Matt brought the tripod, and he fun figuring out the timer. Can you spot Lizzy sneaking behind us?
Silly picture, but check out the backdrop!
Cute and cozy.
Campsite 11. We couldn't have asked for a better setup. Completely surrounded by massive boulders, we had our own private enclosure where the kids could play around, and Lizzy had space to run without harassing other campers.
On the drive to and from City of Rocks were these amazing hawks all over the place! Thanks to Matt for this incredible photo.
The after party!
Someone doesn't want to get wet. :(
Just can't resist a chance to pull out the suit.
"The family that plays together, stays together!"


Presidente y Hermana Clegg said...

Such great pictures. We loved looking at all of them. Henry is great! Ellie is so brave and Annie Kate is so funny and cute. Thanks for sharing, we loved all of the pictures.

The Clegg Family said...

so cute! we totally miss all you crazies!!! come to seatlle! we are going to the oregon coast to camp for a week in july...wish you could come!

Ellie said...

I love '' Henry's new love of nature '' pic #2