Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New York Part 1

New York here we come! Jetting off with the family, we braved the redeye to enjoy a week of fun with the Ashtons in Sodus Bay, NY. A charming bay off of Lake Ontario, directly between Syracuse and Rochester. Matt's brother Spencer and his family have been away for about nine years for medical school/training, so we were all excited to take the opportunity to go visit, play, and have a good time!

The last night of the Hill Cumorah Pageant was the day we arrived. After having come off of the red-eye, I think everyone were great troopers to go. I stayed back with AnnieKate, and Erin with Morgan. Norm and Meredith, and Lindsey and Blakely wouldn't arrive for a few days.

The show's about to start...
I heard the fire was really cool!

We spent quite a bit of time at this beach, but were terrible about taking pictures here, so this is all we have. It was great spot, though! Sodus Bay, a cozy little spot off Lake Ontario. It was perfect for the kids - a roped off swimming area, two lifeguards, and plenty of sand.

Spencer with his youngest son, Luke.

What a cute group of kids! Henry, Ellie, AnnieKate, Haley, AnneMerie, Ben, Sam, McKenzie, and Tyler.
Haley finding the biggest leaf for the scavenger hunt. Julie made a list of things for the kids to do/check off/or pass off throughout the trips and had prizes for them along the way. Such a great idea and so much fun for the kids!
AnneMerie, Julie, and Haley Jo
Melissa, Luke, Tyler, Spencer, McKenzie, Ben
Loving my family!


Presidente y Hermana Clegg said...

Great post. Ellie looks tired on the plane, and I would be too. Family trips are fun. We'll have to do one in a few years.

Poulton Family said...

Hey! I just saw your posts. Sorry I am not a good blogger or blogger looker sometimes. Anyway, I loved the pics. I love seeing the ones of us with you guys at the cabin. Makes me so homesick! I want to throw the kids in the car right now and drive to Utah. (I would probably get 20 miles and realize not such a good idea! Love ya!