Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When you're with Mom and Dad how can you not go bowling? A bit different in Spain, but lots of fun on a rainy afternoon. Sunday we went on a gondola ride up the mountain, then came down and played at an amazing park! The next day we went to the most beautiful zoo I've ever seen. It's small - squashed into the crowded town of Fuengirola, but it's like an oasis with beautiful foliage, habitats, and gorgeous natural settings. Definitely one of the highlights. Henry was ecstatic to discover his favorite...the Nile Crocodile...was a resident of this particular zoo. Later on, he also spotted a Gharial! I didn't even have to read hime the sign! Afterwards we went to the mission office where we had cupcakes and blew out a candle. Ever since Mom said we would go to the zoo, Annie has insisted that she's having her birthday party there! While we didn't exactly make it happen at the zoo, we still made sure we sang and celebrated. Elder Halverson is the missionary holding up the candle. Thanks to the missionaries for joining us in a round of "Happy Birthday!"

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