Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Mijas is a cute little town on the hillside with lots of whitewashed buildings, and of course, donkey taxis! Ellie rode one of the donkeys, AnnieKate declared how cute they were, Henry thought the whole carriage thing was pretty cool, and I was the unfortunate one positioned right behind the ass! Personally, I was thrilled when our little jaunt through town was over. Thanks Mom and Dad! We also visited the local bullring which was rather small, but at least it was a sturdy permanent structure. :) The kids had a great time pretending to be bulls while they chased each other around in the ring. This was the town where Ellie found her Flamenco attire for the evening, and is positive she's never owned a dress so nice before, (except for her baptism dress). We also took time to play at a park overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Overall it was a delightful morning in a beautiful place!

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