Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Rock of Gibraltar

I'm grateful we took the trip out to Gibraltar to see and experience such a famous landmark in history. We took a tour bus into the city center, and from there, we took a private van tour which was a cool thing because of the info from the tour guide, and access to more sights. We went inside a cave with enormous stalactites and mites, and saw where they put on acoustic and classical concerts. Imagine going to a concert inside the rock of Gibraltar! Pretty sweet! We also entered another cave/tunnel where the British had chiseled away their bunkers, and shot their canons. It was impressive to look out from inside the top of the enormous rock. The greatest part for the kids was obviously the apes. They hang out all over the top of Gibraltar because that's where they're fed. They're wild, so we don't touch them, but they're all around you, jumping on the cars, crawling on the walls, free to roam, and the kids couldn't get enough of it!

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Hillary said...

I love all the pictures. So fun, and so many great memories.